Airborne Motocross

An explorative motocross game which makes you fly.

Once you have got the hang glider mounted on your dirty bike you will spend a lot of time in the air. Especially if you combine it with a nitro booster.

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These gifs are bad quality to keep the file size low. Still, they need time to load once you tap them (just wait a little).
Airborne Motocross tutorial winter cave icicle animation gif Airborne Motocross tutorial start animation gif Airborne Motocross tutorial winter cave icicle animation gif


Here are some screenshots.
(Tapping them will open a high res version.)

Airborne Motocross Screenshot

The glider will become your best friend.

Airborne Motocross Screenshot

Play on mobile and pc.

Airborne Motocross Screenshot

Winter is comi.., okay, this joke is getting old :D

Airborne Motocross Screenshot

Hm, what's this? Find out in the demo. (Hint: turn left)

Airborne Motocross Screenshot

A puzzle. Can you clear the way? Try it now!

Airborne Motocross


The current demo features some unusual items a glider, a booster, gravity inverting particles, a puzzle cave and a jump spring. You will definitely spend a lot of your time in the air. Especially once you have found the booster.

The original prototype contained a jetpack, a teleporter, a booster, a gravity gun, a shrink ray, cloud-wheels, bouncy-wheels, a time machine, a force-field generator, an "eject" button, a "dash forward" jump, an item magnet and some rockets. Of course not all of them can make it into the final game, but some will ;-)


Combining items to reach new spots in the levels is at the heart of the game. Use them to overcome obstacles, unlock new areas and eventually, find new items.


Global highscores, teams, tournaments, pvp. In the final version you will find all these familiar features to make you feel at home. But there are some odd challenges too, like getting a huge ball into the goal as quickly as you can (rocket league anyone?).

Play the demo!

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Airborne Motocross banner with gliders

If you want to go back in history and try some of the older builds then go here.